Lanta Lanta

We had heard mixed responses of the Southern Thai Island Koh Lanta; dirty, beautiful, busy, peaceful, touristy, local. However we have come away with a very set opinion of Lanta; an island that should definitely be explored, with beautiful jungles, incredible white sandy beaches, great bars and restaurants that overlook stunning beach scenery and the … More Lanta Lanta

Sydney to China

I received many comments from friends and family when I left the UK second time round to continue travelling; “wow I wish I could do what your were doing?” “I’ve always wanted to travel!” Best bit of advice anyone can get is to just do it. Travelling is such a precious and privileged experience that … More Sydney to China


Uluru, or Ayers Rock as we know it back home in the UK, is obviously a place that we relate to when we think of Australia. Never really understanding the story behind this amazing natural wonder of the world I did feel a little naive visiting. But it does have an incredible, historical story and … More THE RED CENTRE