Being a tourist

After a five-day week working with the penguins, I have now learnt to handle, feed, tube and prepare their medication. Amazing. Staying in a country with different rules and regulations makes a very big difference in the working world. I imagined you would have had to be trained for weeks before even beginning to touch … More Being a tourist

Nights out

Cape Town in the dark does scare me. I would never go out alone, although I haven’t even done so in broad daylight yet. Stories and general advice has kept me on my toes, to watch out for certain places, making sure I don’t get in taxis on my own, especially the mini bus taxis! … More Nights out

Days off

Living at Aviva house is wicked. All the volunteers are such good fun, and so easy to get on with. I reckon life time friends. Luckily one of the volunteers (Ozzy Tamara) contacted me via email before I left the UK, which helped my confidence and rested my mind a little, although at times I … More Days off