Time is the most precious thing every living being has. It is ours to do as we please, how we use time is different for everyone. Some take time for granted, throwing it into crime and punishment or not pursuing what they really want, others use it to please their lifestyle in working 24 hours … More Time


We were sat in the comfort of my home. My dad was over for dinner. My mum played her music, a particular song came on, Cucurucu, by Nick Mulvey. Took me straight back to when I first heard it on a road trip along the Garden Route in South Africa. Sat chilling in the sun, … More Memories


I know it seems I have vanished from my blog but I am still here, just busy back in the UK rebuilding my bank account working and planning my next trip, also I haven’t been the happiest of people lately. However the past weekend I had my beautiful Norwegian friend, Marte, come stay with me, whom … More Reunion

Goodbye Cape Town

I have now reached my final week in Cape Town and to be perfectly honest I feel my time has come to an end here and I am ready to move on to my next adventure. I have had the most incredible, life changing, experience that will stay with me forever. My last couple of … More Goodbye Cape Town

Tough love

Love and care are two things you’ll find hard to find in the settlements of Cape Town. I have realised  this along my journey of working with TLC. The neglected children we see everyday crave the attention from us when we arrive in the bus bearing smiles, food, pens and paper and love. With parents … More Tough love

New experiences

Last week was an odd week. After an amazing trip up the Garden Route the week before it was like we were back to reality in Cape Town; work, food shopping, cleaning, cooking, you get it. But still I am on a holiday really. I’m not getting paid for what I do, I’m here for … More New experiences