Later India

3 trains, 5 buses, 4 taxis, 15 rickshaws, 4 ferries and 1 boat ride later we had made it to our last stop in India. A month full of experience, sights, lessons, emotions, sickness, beauty, hatred, anger, frustration, tiredness and excitement. I can say that India has been a real challenge to travel and I … More Later India

Family away from home

A little slice of heaven that hasn’t been exposed to many tourists is just 10km north of Alleppey – Marari beach. We heard no other backpackers talk of the place but were recommended it by a couple we met. We booked ourselves two nights at the loveliest place we’ve stayed yet! Umapathi Homestay. Umapathi being … More Family away from home

India: The land that split opinion (Part 2)

The love-hate relationship with this weird and fascinating country has not only continued but intensified as we hit the main cities. After the tranquility and adventure of the amazing Hampi, it was time to head south towards Karnataka but, to get there, first up was a daunting overnight train ride. We’d soaked up the experience … More India: The land that split opinion (Part 2)

India: The land that split opinion (Part 1)

We’re travelling together, we write together so why no collaborate on this blog and take turns in writing a post. Here goes, welcoming a first post from Tom; India, what have you done to me? Underwhelming and beautiful, dirty and spectacular, down-right rude and hospitable. Trying to explain our month is extremely difficult as one … More India: The land that split opinion (Part 1)


After leaving the UK at the end of January for a third time travelling, my family have set up a project on social media as a means of keeping in touch through creativity; an Instagram account under the name of Mooshles. A completely random word but meaningful to us, with a sense of being together. The idea … More Mooshles

Goa to Hampi

After a tumble of emotions leaving Goa (not a fave and probably could give it a miss if you’re travelling around India) we took our first train journey to our next state, Karnataka, to the little town of Hampi. Indian Trains But first we took an eight-hour train ride during the day from Goa to … More Goa to Hampi