Lanta Lanta

We had heard mixed responses of the Southern Thai Island Koh Lanta; dirty, beautiful, busy, peaceful, touristy, local. However we have come away with a very set opinion of Lanta; an island that should definitely be explored, with beautiful jungles, incredible white sandy beaches, great bars and restaurants that overlook stunning beach scenery and the … More Lanta Lanta

Sydney to China

I received many comments from friends and family when I left the UK second time round to continue travelling; “wow I wish I could do what your were doing?” “I’ve always wanted to travel!” Best bit of advice anyone can get is to just do it. Travelling is such a precious and privileged experience that … More Sydney to China

Au Pair Life.

When I first started looking into travelling my first stop was the option of Au Pairing in another country, considering it gave me the comfort and stress free option of accommodation sorted, and being able to live the lifestyle of a local. I originally researched into American Au Pairing; living over there for a year … More Au Pair Life.