Lanta Lanta

We had heard mixed responses of the Southern Thai Island Koh Lanta; dirty, beautiful, busy, peaceful, touristy, local. However we have come away with a very set opinion of Lanta; an island that should definitely be explored, with beautiful jungles, incredible white sandy beaches, great bars and restaurants that overlook stunning beach scenery and the … More Lanta Lanta


This time last week was my first day in Australia. It feels as if I have been here for a month. The weather had been incredible to start with. However we are now hit with a cyclone and its been pouring with rain for the past two days. Rain like I’ve never seen before. So … More MY WEEK IN IMAGES

Perfect weekend

Huddled under blankets, heavy sleepy eyes, need to go to bed, but want to just keep writing. The rain is hammering down outside, and has been all day. Working outside in it was interesting. Animal conservation unfortunately does not provide any breaks, there is no cancelled days, you work whatever the weather, everyday of the … More Perfect weekend