Birthday Weekend

Eleventh of September…my final day working at SANCCOB and my 22nd birthday! Waking up in the morning to a quiet house and no family to wish me happy birthday was very different. Well it just didn’t feel like my birthday at all. A big hug from Tamara helped though! It’s weird how much you wish … More Birthday Weekend

Perfect weekend

Huddled under blankets, heavy sleepy eyes, need to go to bed, but want to just keep writing. The rain is hammering down outside, and has been all day. Working outside in it was interesting. Animal conservation unfortunately does not provide any breaks, there is no cancelled days, you work whatever the weather, everyday of the … More Perfect weekend

Being a tourist

After a five-day week working with the penguins, I have now learnt to handle, feed, tube and prepare their medication. Amazing. Staying in a country with different rules and regulations makes a very big difference in the working world. I imagined you would have had to be trained for weeks before even beginning to touch … More Being a tourist

Nights out

Cape Town in the dark does scare me. I would never go out alone, although I haven’t even done so in broad daylight yet. Stories and general advice has kept me on my toes, to watch out for certain places, making sure I don’t get in taxis on my own, especially the mini bus taxis! … More Nights out

Days off

Living at Aviva house is wicked. All the volunteers are such good fun, and so easy to get on with. I reckon life time friends. Luckily one of the volunteers (Ozzy Tamara) contacted me via email before I left the UK, which helped my confidence and rested my mind a little, although at times I … More Days off