After leaving the UK at the end of January for a third time travelling, my family have set up a project on social media as a means of keeping in touch through creativity; an Instagram account under the name of Mooshles. A completely random word but meaningful to us, with a sense of being together. The idea … More Mooshles

See ya kids!

My time as an Au Pair is sadly over and came to an abrupt, unexpected end earlier this past weekend. Something that I thought would never happen, especially my time being an Au Pair. But as it is there is always two sides to every story. My host family has her side and I respect … More See ya kids!

Sydney Siders

The last couple of weeks Tom has had his friend Pete staying with him from the UK. Of course being in Sydney for such a short amount of time in comparison to us he wanted to cram all the touristy days out around our schedule of working with our host families. The first week I … More Sydney Siders


Time is the most precious thing every living being has. It is ours to do as we please, how we use time is different for everyone. Some take time for granted, throwing it into crime and punishment or not pursuing what they really want, others use it to please their lifestyle in working 24 hours … More Time

Wagga Wagga

Another week another trip. This time round its closer to home and just Toby, Kristin and I. A seven hour drive to the rural town of Wagga Wagga (pronounced Wogga), staying in a lovely little cottage for five days whilst Kristin attends lectures and an exam for her University course. Recognising that New South Wales is … More Wagga Wagga