Time is the most precious thing every living being has. It is ours to do as we please, how we use time is different for everyone. Some take time for granted, throwing it into crime and punishment or not pursuing what they really want, others use it to please their lifestyle in working 24 hours … More Time

My miracle in Harare

The horrible experience of being robbed in Victoria Falls left me in such a state stranded at the campsite with the remainder of our group that had finished their leg of the journey with ATC (Africa Travel Co.). Despite the seriousness of our situation we were ignored by the police department and security, which made … More My miracle in Harare

Home for Christmas

Words I was not expecting to write on here any time soon. I had prepared myself for a sweltering day with a BBQ as my Christmas dinner spending it with my brother over in Cairns. But after all the trauma and problems to deal with from being robbed in Vic Falls my homesickness is no more, … More Home for Christmas