About me…Lottie

A journalism graduate about to embark on my first ever journey across the world, alone. Being a, I suppose you can call it, beginner, female, traveller I have got to admit I am beyond nervous about leaving home and starting a life changing adventure in a completely different environment, culture and lifestyle.

I hope to fill this blog with my honest, real and naive words and images to create a space for those who are embarking on a similar journey and need reassuring they are in the same boat, or simply for those who enjoy reading newbie travel blogs.

…Now three years on from the above I have set off on my third adventure across the world, firstly landing in India, then onto South East Asia.

This blog or so-called diary, will not only be a place of sharing my experiences, but a collaboration with now my travelling sidekick, Tom, who will be dishing out his thoughts and advice too.

Since my first adventure I’ve explored Africa, lived across Australia (where I met Tom!) and in the past year being at home working as an Account Executive at the successful design agency JDO.

During my time at home Tom and I became qualified TEFL teachers in hope to teach kids along the way, earning money whilst doing something we love in a culture completely different to our own. Meanwhile with Tom’s extensive experience in the sports media industry he’ll be looking to build his career alongside where we land.

Let’s see where this next road takes us…

My favourite travel partner
My favourite travel partner

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