Back to normality in KL

As you may notice the following post has been written by Tom 🙂

The Indian trip was over, we had stuck it out and stayed until the last day of our visa but now it was time to hit the modern amenities and youthful atmosphere we had pined for.

An overnight flight from Kochi to Kuala Lumpur (KL) is how it was advertised but the chance of sleeping was zero. A four-hour flight later was celebrated with a thud back to reality as the train from the airport to city cost as much as a few nights accommodation had in Kerala. Even with the expenses racking up early, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief, a joyful drop of the shoulders as we returned to a city that offered everything, from food to security, cleanliness and order on the streets.

The stress and anxiety kept pouring out of us once we arrived at our hostel; Mingle Hostel in the middle of Chinatown. It had a simple design, comfy beds, working showers and a friendly atmosphere. Bliss.

KL itself was a welcoming place with locals happy to offer a hand with one man – coincidently the helpful and polite guy was also called Tom – taking us to the bus stop and joining us as he showed us to The Pavilion shopping centre for some much-needed good food.

During the few days we had there we joined a hostel-led trip out to a hot springs and waterfall. Leading and driving us was the hostel owner, a very friendly bloke, and when he said we were going to a hot springs first, he really did mean HOT! It burnt to dip your toes in so I have no idea how we both went neck-deep in the 65 degree pool of pain.

While the waterfalls were lovely they weren’t a patch on some we had seen around Australia and New Zealand but that didn’t matter, what made the trip was the group of people we went with. We met some genuinely great fellow travellers that we still speak to and continue to get invaluable advice from as we all go our separate ways.

We were only in the city for a few days but could’ve spent much longer exploring the back streets, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the food. Instead, we had a coach ride to Penang to prepare for.


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