Later India

3 trains, 5 buses, 4 taxis, 15 rickshaws, 4 ferries and 1 boat ride later we had made it to our last stop in India. A month full of experience, sights, lessons, emotions, sickness, beauty, hatred, anger, frustration, tiredness and excitement. I can say that India has been a real challenge to travel and I can now understand and relate to others describing their love and hate for it.

img_2519As much as I really tried to love the country, with its diverse culture, crazy cities, colourful markets, and beautiful tea plantations I feel I have seen enough and am ready to move on.

Our last three nights have been spent in the fishing town of Fort Kochi. A refreshingly enjoyable end to our trip. Not realising its a real art inspired town, with dotted exhibitions around and cool cafes that serve up sandwiches, cakes and coffee! A lifesaver to the cravings I’ve been having. In the evening take a stroll down the water front where the Chinese fishing nets are in full swing, fisherman selling off the last fish of the day and market stalls. As much as I would have loved to have eaten the fish I didn’t want to risk getting sick again on my last few days before another flight.


We split our stay between Santa Maria and Maritime by the Hostel Crowd. Unfortunately both were really grotty! We had a mixed dorm in SM which was okay but the bathroom was disgusting, the common room was not a nice place to be sat in and the breakfast was rubbish. Having had stayed in Hostel Crowds chain hostels in Goa we really liked them, however this one is very different. A nice looking building up front, but inside it’s cramped, smelly, tiny kitchen, and staying in a twin room which was a cupboard under the stairs with no window and clearly next to the staff toilet that stank of piss. Along with the humidity of Kerala everywhere is damp and mouldy 😦 Location fantastic though.

Our under stairs room :(
Our under stairs room 😦

Definite recommendations if you’re looking for a yummy breakfast or lunch were the two art inspired cafes; Pepperhouse Cafe and Kashi Art Cafe. Dinner wasn’t a highlight but again some lovely locations, Hotel Seagull and Fort House Hotel right on the waterfront.

Our final day had arrived; we took a 2 hour bus ride to Kochi International airport. Next up Kuala Lumpur!

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