“As white as pure sugar”

Beautiful Anjuna beach
Beautiful Anjuna beach

Welcome to India – hard to find food, confusing service, Delhi belly, mosquitoes, hagglers and well the most insane driving!

Unfortunately our trip around Goa has been obstructed by the horrid Delhi belly. Second day in I was struck down with the dreaded sickness, I blame the prawns, but it could have been anything, as it seems to keep coming back. Today I’ve managed to open my laptop and actually write something, whilst Tom is now struck down with it.

Our first two days were spent wandering the streets of Panjim, the capital of Goa, although still relatively small it was buzzy, smelly and full of life. Our first night was spent furiously trying to find food and water, which was unexpectedly difficult. Eventually coming across a place where we were served a curry that was supposedly aubergine…which we later found out it was fermented cheese! Tasted pretty good at the time.

In Panjim we stayed in a lovely hostel, Old Quarter run by The Hostel Crowd. They have a selection of hostels across Goa and Kerala. Fantastic set up, clean rooms, proper toilets 🙂 great service and an okayish breakfast.

We have followed on to stay in their second set up just north of Panjim in Vagator called Jungle, which is even better and is literally in the jungle. Despite the bad mosquitoes, we’re a short walk to the beach, with a great selection of places to eat, although only managing to try a couple so far! My favourite so far being a vegan restaurant, Bean Me Up, hidden under palm trees covered in fairy lights, burning incense and serving yummy fruit juices, about the only food I’ve managed to keep down.

Not wanting this to sound like a negative post about India, we personally have just had a bad experience so far. Adding to the fact we landed the week there were elections, meaning many places were shut. Supposedly being the easiest going place to come on holiday in India I’ll happily say I’m looking forward to moving onto our next stop, just a short 8 hour train ride over the beautiful Dudhsagar Falls and inland through the jungles and landscapes to Hampi.

Oh and the reasoning behind this posts headline, “As white as pure sugar”, is something an Indian lady said to me as I lay on the beach with my pasty English winter skin. She continuously hassled me asking to do henna and to thread my ‘hairy’ legs! Charming.

3 thoughts on ““As white as pure sugar”

  1. Omg u got sick after a view days?!?! :S hope u feeling better now and enjoying the next stop much more then this one…
    Hahahaha as white as pure sugar :DD shall i send u an razor to india, my hairy sexy bear? 😀 ;P 😂 haha #cheeky tom can do the shave for u…


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