I’m back and I’m off again

First up apologies for being very absent from my blog this past year. Life took over my writing sadly, but, it’s the best year I’ve had back in the UK; a great job, living back home with my favourites, and making some big new plans. How did it get to 2017 so quick?

A hard and also very easy decision was made earlier in 2016 to hit the road again. This time it’s to be different. A challenge. A combination of work and travel.

A few months back myself and Tom decided to train as teachers with a great company TELF.org. A programme I’ve been interested in ever since I started looking into travelling, and I’ve now taken the plunge and am a qualified English teacher. It happened all so quickly. We both decided it’s a fantastic way to live and work in a culturally different lifestyle with the perks of travelling, and the excitement to be able to teach our language to others and understand others languages. Something I am very naive towards and never made the effort to learn, but I hope in a years time I can say and speak very differently.

In just over two weeks time Tom and I will be heading out to India; first months stop. As much as I am unbeknown to this country exploding with culture and colour, I’ve wanted to go there forever. As mentioned before my passion for travel is culture, the change, the unknown, immersing myself into how others in the world live and I could not be more excited to experience this in the vibrancy of India.

From there this blog will have to wait and see, but currently we are looking at teaching jobs all over Asia.

I will be continuing to blog like I’ve done over the past few years when and where I can across India, wi-fi dependent, as well as documenting on my new GoPro (thanks mum) and photography. And as always my most honest open opinions and views of everywhere I go.

Here goes…





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