See ya kids!

Last beach day :(
Last beach day 😦

My time as an Au Pair is sadly over and came to an abrupt, unexpected end earlier this past weekend. Something that I thought would never happen, especially my time being an Au Pair. But as it is there is always two sides to every story. My host family has her side and I respect that but what she has done has gone way beyond the respects of me wanting to be part of the family any longer.

Firstly I wasn’t a part of their family, I was an employee, she made that very clear to me when I asked to be her friend on Facebook and she refused. Odd. But anyway I don’t want this to sound like a dig to their family, because I have loved working for them and taking care of Toby. He is a sweetheart and I will really miss him. The most upsetting part of it was I couldn’t even say goodbye to him. Totally unfair on him; for me to suddenly disappear out of his life after spending every day with him, after learning my name and having short muddled conversations with me. Has she not thought of the side affects this will have on her kids?!

It started with me leaving my phone accidentally at the house whilst I took Toby to the park. I had received a text from Tom during that time, which was opened when I had returned home. When I arrived I knew something was up, but I didn’t think much of it as it was the weekend and I was heading over to Tom’s place. Kristin suddenly told me to leave my phone behind over the weekend so she could back it up. Very suspicious. The following morning I had orders to bring the car back for 9am, which I did as Tom and I were on our way to the horse racing at Royal Randwick. As I walked in something was not right, Kristin asked to talk to me alone. My suspicions were right and she had ransacked my phone, gone through every text, email and photo. Invaded my personal space and found conversations where I had vented a bad day working to ones close to me and she didn’t like it. This she felt was enough to throw me out. I said ‘how dare she go through my things’ and she said she had every right to. If every one is honest with each other you don’t come away from work without having a moan about a bad day, this is exactly what I did and there is nothing wrong with that, the whole reason I vented it to Tom is so it wouldn’t affect my daily life at work with the kids.

I was accused of being unprofessional, when she went through my personal messages and photos, how is that right? I didn’t even get the chance to sit down and talk it out. I collected my things the following day with nothing said from anyone apart from little Toby calling my name. It was such a heartbreaking way to end my time looking after Toby but she had made her decision.

With six weeks remaining until Tom and I fly over to our New Zealand adventure his host family have kindly taken me in and I am so grateful for them. I will not let this ruin my remainder of time in Sydney and enjoy every day as it comes and remember the amazing times I did have as an Au Pair. I will take this as a lesson learnt; to not use a work phone for personal use and be weary and cautious as an Au Pair living in someone else’s home.

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