Birthday abroad No. 2

Another year has flown by landing my birthday in another country which isn’t home. Very different to last years celebration where I had my last day working with penguins and partying in Cape Town. This year I spent my day out with the little’n at the zoo, not really feeling like my birthday at all, not having my family and friends around me is always a bit lonely, but luckily as the day ended Tom came to rescue me and took me back to his host families house where they all made me feel right at home, Tom surprising me with flowers and a day out the following day, and a cake made by one of the kids.

Turning 113

If it wasn’t for Tom being here with me my birthday would have been rather dull this year, however I was completely spoilt with lovely things to do all day Saturday. We headed into the city over to Darling Harbour in the morning. The weather was perfect enough to be thrown about at sea on a jet boat. For half an hour we hopped on to one of the boats that whizzed around the harbour and out towards the mouth of the sea at high speeds, absolutely soaking us. Such a fantastic way to see the city and its beautiful beach bays if you’re not into slow-paced, old farts cruises, it’s also a great laugh and gets the adrenalin pumping.


20150914_165552After being drenched we lay in the sun to dry off before heading over to the Sydney Westfield Tower where Tom had booked us in for a Skywalk at sunset. Got to say Tom you’re pretty good at this surprise Birthday thing!

Sydney Tower
Sydney Tower


All harnessed up in the most attractive blue onesies we headed outside of the tower for a 360 tour of the city from up above. Catching the last light of the day it was absolutely beautiful and a very memorable, happy birthday.


With a delicious end to it at a fantastic little, hidden Indian gem, The Spice Room, located just under the station at Circular Quay. Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday in Australia!

The following day the celebrations continued but not for me this time round. Sunday was Toby’s ‘naming day’, equivalent to a Christening for non religious people. A day where Tom and I could dress up and look fancy for the rare occasion. Being so used to wearing scruffy old clothes whilst travelling it was really lovely to see the more normal side to each other. The party was held on Balmoral beach, close by to where I am living. A place called the Public Dining Room; they hired out half the restaurant that was located right on the beach, it was such a gorgeous venue. Full of Kristin’s friends and family who I’d never met and if I am honest felt a bit out of the picture, but it was good to show our faces and enjoy the full course sit down lunch and alcohol, with a stroll on the beach as the sun was shining.

Balmoral Beach
Balmoral Beach


Now I am off to Singapore for the week with the host family to explore another country with little Toby whilst they are busy with business.

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