Time is the most precious thing every living being has. It is ours to do as we please, how we use time is different for everyone. Some take time for granted, throwing it into crime and punishment or not pursuing what they really want, others use it to please their lifestyle in working 24 hours seven days a week, many in families, and a minority in travel.

Ever since I was little I knew time was the most sacred thing and I was to not waste a second of it doing something where the future could be bleak. Travel has been a dream of mine always. The day I started my first job at 16 was the day I put aside money ready to hop on a plane. Yes of course I use time to relax and not do a lot with my day, but our bodies need that time, and I truly try to make the most of a day sat around at home, as I know in a few years to come those times will be long gone.

I guess that’s my huge love for being on the road around the globe, I feel every minute is taken in with a new experience, a sight across a beautiful landscape, a swim in clear blue seas surrounded by palm trees, camping out under the stars with the sound of elephants sniffing around the campsite. I feel so lucky to have been able to do what I have done, and proud that I pushed off from my little hub back home all alone and continued to pursue my golden time of travelling up until now.

Back last year when I was robbed it really felt like my world had fallen apart, coming home, back to reality and realising my graduated friends were landing jobs in high-flying London businesses, putting deposits down on flats and sipping cocktails with newly made friends on their weekends off work. I came home to my family, which obviously is the most important part of me, but I didn’t feel myself. Something had knocked my confidence back in Zimbabwe. Emotionally I had real highs and lows. Being in a pub job, not really seeing any friends and having lost all my material things that meant the most to me really got to me. I wanted so desperately to get back on the road, but I was also terrified to leave home again. But truly I knew I had to use the time I had to push aside that fear and book my next ticket to travel, any later and that time would have slipped away.

Travel has changed me in the best possible way; made me grow up, appreciate life in unimaginable ways, understand wonderful cultures we are unbeknown to, meeting truly special people, and making a difference to others, no matter how small (or big) they were. Africa, as you can probably already tell has left a huge imprint on me, and I really hope to return one day soon. Volunteering with children in Africa has steered me into working as an Au Pair today. Whether that time with TLC has changed how I feel about my future career prospect is something I am still figuring out. My passion is still in writing, but perhaps I take that writing to something that will make others realise how important travel is, or helping in the marketing and publications side of charity work in Africa. Time will tell.

My time in Australia has been fantastic so far. I have travelled to beautiful wild places and covered a lot of the land, rekindled with my brother after seven years and found an awesome guy to actually love me back (sop!). I am now into my third month of Au Pairing in Sydney. As much as I love my job, I have such itchy feet, longing to get on the road once again. Eager as I am I have booked the next step. I am heading home for Christmas, however a stopover to New Zealand for a third road trip with Jucy won’t hurt! An 11-day tour will take Tom and I around the South Island, where the highlight will involve jumping out a plane over the stunning Fox Glacier, to then finish our trip in Melbourne where it all started. Is it December yet?!

Tomorrow is my Birthday. Another year celebrating away from home. It is hard, but it is also great to spend it in a country that is not the UK. It’s my family that I miss more than anything. Not waking up to their greetings in the morning and spending the day with them. Strange to think this time last year was my last day working with the penguins in South Africa. This year I’ll be on the other side of the pen looking at the penguins, taking a trip to the zoo with the little’n, one of our favourite outings during the week.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Congratulations Ms Knight, I am a psychiatrist that works with your father, Steve Knight, a very nice , honest and caring man that has no iota of prejudice and every day I see him at work I always say “how are your kids” and he always talks proudly about you, your sister and your brother.
    I shared his pain when you were robbed in Zimbabwe and I remember telling him you will go back travelling, so its nice to read your experiences and see that you are happy and I hope you continue finding happiness in your life journey


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