September Squats!

When it comes to exercise as a traveller its something you find hard to fit in unless you’re at a standstill in some place, not to mention the eating and switching of good food to bad. I really enjoy keeping fit but have to admit when I get out of the swing of it I really struggle to get motivated again, on top of all the foods you are tempted by whilst travelling doesn’t help the waistline. On the road through the outback I lost weight from not eating a lot, although I didn’t feel like it being sat on my arse everyday in the car like a slob. But since then with the temptations of food being back in civilisation it has been too hard to resist, and with the ease of just going out for dinner when staying in a grotty hostel is much more appealing.

Now I am living in a family home, with good hearty meals and a normal routine of eating I feel I am slowly getting back to my eating ways. Alas it is not all about what you eat; squeezing in exercise around exploring the world can be difficult and not very enticing even when you do have a moment spare. Lying on the beach, going for an ice cream, or getting sweaty running up steep hills or stuck in a gym?

I am currently training for the marathon, which I will run in Brighton next April. No this was not my idea, my mother signed me up to it! However I am excited (nervous as hell) to run it. I have only ever conquered 10K, so to bump this number up to over 40K is a huge challenge for me that I am prepared to tackle.

I try to regularly run in between my days caring for Toby and plan to do four a week. My run route takes me over the beautiful Harbour Bridge, through the Rocks and over to the Opera House in Sydney, totalling up to just under 10K. Next step is to push this further and incorporate more floor workouts and stretches at the end of the run.

Running is a fantastic way to keep fit whilst travelling, its easy, can be done anywhere in the world and only has to take up to 20 minutes of your day to be enough to keep up a healthy fitness level. Another way is to just walk EVERYWHERE. Ditch the cabs, lifts, and buses and walk that extra mile to build up your step count through your day. And take a hike somewhere beautiful in the world. Just an hour and half from Sydney is the Blue Mountains filled with fantastic hikes ranging from easy strolls to hardcore hiking. Definitely something that I plan to do over the next couple of weekends.

Making sure I stay fit and healthy is very important to me and has become increasingly so over the last couple of years, after a greasy university lifestyle. Healthy living boosts my confidence, makes me feel great and gives me heaps more energy for long days running around with a toddler and exploring Australia.

Sydney is huge on its fitness face. You step in to the Northern beach suburb Manly and it is smothered in yummy mummies in their gym wear, super slim after just popping out a newborn, sipping on skinny macchiatos! Not really a look I ideally like, but the reality of rich women in Sydney that stay at home and have the time on their hands to prance around with other mums doing Yoga in the parks. Alright for some.

Not dissing Yoga or Pilates in the slightest though. Doing a Pilates class as the sun was setting next to Lake Malawi is a workout session I will never forget.

This month I am really cracking down on pushing my running to the next level and saying no to sweet delicacies and yummy temptations on offer in Sydney.

So get those travelling bodies moving and fill them with yummy healthy foods for September!

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