A massive lack of wi-fi and any form of signal at all has made it impossible for me to do any blog posts, so I am rather behind on how far in the journey we are. Short of it is we have driven around 3500km so far, starting in Melbourne. We are now currently in Alice Springs, having bypassed the Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park, along the Stuart Highway via Uluru and Kings Canyon. Our camper, Jucy, has been amazing and very reliable so far; comfy, good on fuel, spacious, and kitted out with all the necessities. However once we reached Alice Springs, and thank god it was here where we had phone signal, Jucy died on us. The steering pump had gone and we had a serious oil leakage. Three days later we are still here, and Jucy is now returned, so we hit the road again tomorrow and continue our journey all the way to Cairns, via Tennant Creek, Mount Isa and Townsville. Luckily we were put up in a cabin for two nights, all expenses paid for. The luxury of our own shower and kitchen, sitting at a table for dinner, and an actual bed has been just what we needed. But I’ve got to admit I really missed camping out, watching the stars at night and cooking on our mini stove. Excited for the next week until we arrive in Cairns!

Goodbye Jucy :(
Goodbye Jucy 😦

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