Crocs to rocks.

The last week or so has been up and down emotionally. I feel as though I am at a bit of a stand still of where I’m going or what I’m doing. It’s fantastic being able to stay with my brother but its got to the point where he’s going back to the mines and I need to move on to the next place.

I considered becoming an au pair, so put an advert up, just curious to see what would come out of it. In the last week I have had around 20 messages from families asking me to be their au pair. Surprising considering I have never been an au pair in the past. The safety and comfort of a family, living in a home draws me into the idea, but then I need to come out of this zone. I’ve decided I need to travel first, meet people my own age, to not be tied down to a family for 6 months caring for babies and toddlers. As great as it all sounds I reckon I’ll hold off on the idea till towards the end of my time in Australia.

I’m left with either working in Cairns for a couple of months or to just go off on a journey. Today I had a message from an Ozzy guy planning a road trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the centre of Aus; I’m going to give it a shot and meet him to see where his plans take me.

Last weekend we headed over to Hartley’s crocodile zoo. A beautiful drive along the coast which took us to more rainforest where lay all the crocs in the lagoons. Watching crocodile feeding, and the feeders almost being their dinner was an incredible sight. To then be able to go sit with kangaroos and baby wallabies lying on my lap took me into such a surreal moment. Koalas, lizards, kookaburras, emus and snake holding, to seeing one of the most endangered animals in Australia, the cassowary.

A fantastic touristy day which was worth every moment. On the drive home we headed to the idyllic holiday beach, Palm Cove for their amazing banana smoothie!

Yesterday we climbed the pyramid, a great hike up a hill south of Cairns. Starting the hike at sunrise it took us four hours in total. Even without the sun and it being 6 in the morning the heat was unreal. As we climbed higher the humidity dropped thankfully and you could feel a breeze. The hike itself was like we were rock climbing, with boulders to climb and steep rock slopes to slip on! The views were incredible, stretching out to the great barrier reef, with Cairns in the distance, and to the north thick rainforest and the rivers. Reaching the top brings you such a sense of achievement. However not when you get told the record time is an hour and 20 minutes…running it. No way! What was great was knowing that such an amazing, unmissable hike like this would unlikely be found by backpackers unless they were to travel with locals. Just some of the hidden gems I have the privilege of doing with my brother.

As amazing and lucky I am to be in the position I am in right now, I hope this week brings me to a decision or something arrises which will be the start of my journey across Australia. We shall see.

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