Preparing to go, again.

So I’m leaving home again. Third of March to be precise. And yep it’s as hard as it was the first time round. But perhaps easier with the knowing that I’ll be landing in a country where my brother is. Someone I haven’t seen in almost six years! I am so beyond excited and can’t wait to see what Australia offers me. I am of course doing the years working holiday visa, like almost everyone I know. But I am hoping it will bring me to the decision of what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. But most importantly to experience the most amazing sights, meet awesome people, and enjoy one of the best opportunities out there whilst I am still young. Being a journalism graduate I have a great degree to back me and skills that will hopefully lead me to a good career, but I am just not sure that a journalist is what I want to be right now.

To prepare myself to leave home I have been working my butt off trying to rebuild my bank balance, which has been successful so far. Spending time at home with my mum and sister has been the best. I have perhaps not been so stressed like the last time with organising what to take with me. In fact I haven’t even sorted my travel insurance out yet!

My list of must do’s before I leave include:

-buy travel insurance

-write a CV for all those awesome jobs in Oz

-set up a bank account ready to use when I land

-print off all important documents e.g. photocopies of passport/visa/bank statements

-check out what jobs are available for when I get there

-see all friends and say my goodbyes

-buy necessary clothes and toiletries

-pack, pack, PACK

I am still finding it difficult to leave home though. It’s like I’m attached to the familiar and the routine, I just don’t want to let it go. Especially the relationship me, my mum and sister have between us is so great, I feel leaving it behind will make it dissapear. But I know that’s nonsense. I’m lucky to have such an awesome relationship with them!

My mum tells me I show signs of co-dependency, like herself. Something I’ve latched onto from observing over the years. It can be a great thing, but this time itself hardens my situation. I tend to think of others before myself, often leaving me in no better state. But when I think back to my time in Africa, how happy I was and how incredible the experience was makes me want to travel more and more. So off I go again…

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