I know it seems I have vanished from my blog but I am still here, just busy back in the UK rebuilding my bank account working and planning my next trip, also I haven’t been the happiest of people lately.

However the past weekend I had my beautiful Norwegian friend, Marte, come stay with me, whom I met whilst in Cape Town. It was so exciting to see her again and bought back a lot of good memories for the both of us. Luckily Nacho, my Mexican friend, whom also I met in CT, managed to arrange to visit our other friend, Shaun in Luton. Saturday we all met up in London and explored the typical London landscapes.

Sunday I took Marte to my favourite place, Ashdown Forest. A place I hugely missed whilst I was travelling, and will miss again soon. Then we went to the lovely country pub in the woods, The Hatch. You walk in through a small heavy wood door, a roaring fire is on, dogs and muddy boots lying about, delicious home cooked food being served and a great selection of ales (which my mum loves). We always have a bag of crisps and a drink. Having dinner here is definitely on my to do list before I’m off again.

Monday morning I had to say goodbye again to Marte. Going back to reality is always daunting but the hope of meeting up at a later date this year makes it feel better. Island hopping in Thailand perhaps?

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