Home for Christmas

Words I was not expecting to write on here any time soon. I had prepared myself for a sweltering day with a BBQ as my Christmas dinner spending it with my brother over in Cairns. But after all the trauma and problems to deal with from being robbed in Vic Falls my homesickness is no more, as I sit in the comfort of my warm bedroom, in wintry clothes, freezing outside, and my dog asleep in her bed. I’m home.

I find it strange how quickly people adjust to situations they are thrown into, I mean obviously some don’t cope as well as others but I find myself in a good place after everything that has happened. Good things have come about from the incident. Despite missing out on the remainder of my trip it has created a new trip for the future where my mum and sister are joining. With my mum now back in touch with my brother and on good terms it’s about time we all visited him. The new plan is to head out beginning of February to Ben, whether that’s with the other two or they meet at a later date along my journey.

I cannot believe how much has really happened in the last two month. The fact I travelled a quarter of the world’s biggest continent and saw the most incredible life changing things, or being robbed in one of those beautiful destinations and thinking I had no way out of the place. The stories to tell are quite something.

But being back in the safe zone of England, with everything you need at an arms reach is just the right thing right now, as silly as that sounds. One thing I most definitely missed whilst gone was the rich heritage of England and weirdly enough the weather.

London was one of those places. Each year we take a trip to London at Christmas; to see the lights, indulge ourselves in Selfridge’s and finish with a delicious meal. It’s good to be back.

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