Things don’t always go as planned

As you all know a month ago I left Cape Town for my overland trip across East Africa with Africa Travel Company. I have been on such an incredible journey, and to be honest I don’t even know where to begin describing what I’ve seen. I could write a books worth. Well perhaps I will in the future.

But unfortunately and so disappointingly my trip came to a halt ten days before I was meant to leave Johannesburg for my next leg of my journey in Australia. Staying in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe at the camp site, Rest Camp and Lodges I was robbed whilst I was out for dinner. I came back to my lodge and the thieves took every last thing I owned. I was left with no passport, money, ID, clothes. They even sank so low to steal my toothbrush left on the side. But the most upsetting part of the robbery was losing my new Macbook that I had saved for months, and the thousands of irreplaceable pictures from my whole time travelling. No one ever wishes to be in a situation such as this one, I felt like I had nothing, and no one. No working phones or access to internet, the camp site wanted nothing to do with helping us at first and the police are so corrupt out there they seemed uninterested in the fact four white tourists had just been robbed. I couldn’t get hold of my parents, the police or even the manager at first. I just completely broke down. What does one do in a situation like this.

After hours of waiting around we finally made it through and arranged transport to the capital Harare to get emergency passports. Luckily a friend of my mums sister came to our rescue in Harare and took Tamara and I in for the week whilst we sorted what the hell we were doing. Sadly we had to leave behind the rest of our overland group and missed out on the three-day canoe trip to Okavango Delta, the highlight, and seeing Kruger National Park.

We were treated like queens for the week though. Given our own little house, breakfast laid out for us every morning and our duvet pulled back before we went to bed. Tamara was even told off for making the bed one morning. It’s just a completely different way of life in Africa if you have the money to live like that. But they think nothing of it.

I made the decision after loosing all of my clothes and valuables that coming back to the UK would be the best and really the only sensible option. I need time to sort through insurance claims, get together some money, replace my things and get a new passport. I plan to not let this stop my journey though, and am booking a one way ticket to Australia for the new year.

In the meantime seeing a wintery England, family, friends and working is the best thing for me right now, especially as I now get to spend Christmas with everyone. Although disappointed I won’t be with my brother whom I haven’t seen for five and half years in Oz.

You don’t really realise how much you’ll miss a place and appreciate the time you’ve had until you’ve left it behind. I just hope and plan that one day in the near future I will return to Africa, and reunite with everyone I have met along the way even sooner.

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