Planning my next trip

Once again I am back at this stage of planning another trip somewhere around the world…I love this! My plan was to fly over to South East Asia after my three months in Cape Town and perhaps join another volunteering project or a tour. Then my mum had a great idea of meeting up in Bangkok and travelling round Thailand and Vietnam for a couple of weeks together. Especially as a solo female traveller, turning up in a culturally different country not knowing anything about it scared me. I hadn’t a clue where or what to do. The idea to travel around with my mum and her partner was a fantastic idea.

However in the last couple of weeks we were both stressing over how to plan our trip, where to go, trying to keep costs low, visas, flights, vaccinations, and squeezing in a lot of travelling around in just two weeks was difficult. We both decided to postpone meeting in Asia until I have spent some time in Australia. Planning a trip with very limited internet in Cape Town is surprisingly difficult too, so I was relying on my mum for most of it, which was hard as I wanted to be there planning it with her.

Change of plan. That’s the whole idea of travelling though, right? Plans and places move about, meeting new people who want to go travelling with you. Well this is exactly the case. My new Ozzy friend Tamara, who is staying at AVIVA, wants to travel after Cape Town around parts of Africa. At the time I felt nervous about the idea, but when she explained about the trip she had found it sounded incredible.

From the end of October Tamara and I are heading out of Cape Town to Dar es Salaam and starting an amazing journey from the East to South of Africa. From Zanzibar, down to Iringa, Lake Malawi, Chipata to Luangwa National Park, Eastern Zambia to Livingstone, Botswana to Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park to Maun, Okavango Delta, Palapye to Blydepoort (South Africa), Hazyview and then finish in Johannesburg. All of this travelling in a giant safari truck with 26 other people; living, breathing, washing, eating, and sleeping together each day, camping out in two-man tents over night. Living off of the bare necessities, this is exactly the type of travelling I wanted to experience.

Here in Cape Town I feel as if I have moved from home to home, with shops, bars and restaurants on my doorstep, bus and taxi services, a cleaner for the house each day, a comfy bed to sleep in each night. This trip we are taking will be the complete opposite and I am so incredibly excited.

When we finish in Johannesburg, we both plan to take the plane over to Sydney together where I will begin my next journey.

My working holiday visa has now been accepted for Oz, and my plan is to work and enjoy everything Australia has to give for the next year, including going to stay with my brother in Cairns who I have now not seen for over five years since he immigrated to Australia.

I feel like my plans are really coming together now. Mum I cannot wait to meet up with you on the way.

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