Nights out

Cape Town in the dark does scare me. I would never go out alone, although I haven’t even done so in broad daylight yet. Stories and general advice has kept me on my toes, to watch out for certain places, making sure I don’t get in taxis on my own, especially the mini bus taxis! We have a taxi driver linked to Aviva house, Ephraim, who is great. Drop him a text and wherever you are he will be there ready to pick you up and take you to the next place for a cheap price.

Since being here, the Aviva house and I have used him a few times to ferry us around in the evenings. One evening last week we ventured to a place near the famous Long Street in Cape Town called Gold Restaurant. Here you experience real African dining, with dancing, singing, drumming, face painting, costumes and lots of glitter. We endeavoured on a 12 course meal that included lots of meats, the most amazing prawn, and a delicious sponge pudding. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, and the whole evening cost me R300, about £16.

Gold Restaurant
Gold Restaurant
African face painting
African face painting

Another evening I was convinced to go out on a work night to a club just off of Long Street, called Sideshow. As tired as I was from work I made myself go out thinking I wouldn’t want to miss out. It was a great fun night with everyone from the house, although I’m not too sure about the venue. It was like an old warehouse, which could be made really quirky and cool, however it wasn’t. Also not realising that your allowed to smoke inside was pretty horrid. Although the deal was free vodka for most of the night, again another cheap night out. I was regretting it the next day at work, feeling sick making fish smoothie, consisting of chopped fish and dog food for the penguins.

Most evenings at Aviva everyone is together; cooking, chatting, watching movies. It is such a great social house, but also allows you to go have a chilled out time in the bedroom if you’re not feeling up for anything. The house is relatively quiet at the moment, only eight girls and four guys, with five of them leaving in a few days time. It is going to be weird having such an empty house. But I guess new people will arrive soon.

One evening this week, after work, a few of us from work went to watch the sunset at a bar called Blue Peter, not far from where we are living. Beautiful surroundings, and the beach, with Table Mountain in the distance. It was definitely a tourist spot, with a few hotels and B&Bs around. The sunsets in Cape Town are so gorgeous, it lights the whole sea up. I’ve been told they get better as it moves into summer.

Sunset after work
Sunset after work
Sunsets here are beautiful
Sunsets here are beautiful

And mum I did see the huge moon the other night! It sat in between Table Mountain and Lions Head, thought of you when I saw it. Missing home like crazy everyday.


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