Days off

Living at Aviva house is wicked. All the volunteers are such good fun, and so easy to get on with. I reckon life time friends. Luckily one of the volunteers (Ozzy Tamara) contacted me via email before I left the UK, which helped my confidence and rested my mind a little, although at times I have to admit I thought she might have been a stalker, and Aviva was all fake! But Aviva is amazing, the house has everything, including a pool and braii area, which is yet to be used.

Despite it raining the first few days whilst I was working, the sun and warmth came out ready for my two days off. At first I saw Cape Town in the miserable cold and heavy clouds. Like any country the sun comes out and changes your perspective of the place entirely, and I am so glad it did.

Taking advantage of the sun and heat, myself and Davis (Aviva and SANCCOB volunteer) hiked up Table Mountain. We took the Platterklip gorge route right to the top. It was like climbing an extremely steep staircase for two hours, but so worth it. The views throughout were breathtaking. I have never seen anything quite so spectacular in landscape. At the top we met many dassies sunbathing on the rocks and lots of lizards. Normally there is a restaurant/cafe open to the public with fantastic views, including the cable car that takes you up and down the mountain, however it was all closed up for maintenance over their winter period. The hike down was easier than up, however our legs had become so weak at this point it was hard to control movements. An amazing, memorable, first day off.

On top of the world - Table Mountain hike
On top of the world – Table Mountain hike
The breathtaking view
The breathtaking view
Dassie selfie
Dassie selfie

Day two I had got up early again with Davis ready to make a journey to the last stop on the MyCiti bus route, Hout Bay. There, every Saturday and Sunday a hippy, touristy, eclectic market is in full swing, full of delicious, multi-cultural food, boutiques, artwork, jewellery, hair braiding (purchased my first feather hair braid), and live music. It was fantastic. I also enjoyed a wrap packed full with steak, avocado (there huge here), feta, balsamic vinegar and loads of greenery, followed by a giant waffle covered in strawberries and cream. Despite Hout Bay being extremely touristy, and the wealthier side of Cape Town, on our journey home the bus took us round in a loop, and just seconds away from the market we landed in a township. Quite shocking to see such cultural changes meters away from each other.

Lunch - steak wrap at Hout Bay Market
Lunch – steak wrap at Hout Bay Market

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