A long first week

As I snuggle under my duvet at Aviva house, after a long tiring day at work, I listen to the chilled playlist my mum put together for me (thanks mumma), making me teary! I thought the perfect moment to blog. My first week at Aviva house is over and what a week it has been. Excitement has been rolling along with me, whilst homesickness has already started to kick in. Is it too early to be missing home this much?

The mornings are the worse. Having to drag myself out of bed at 6 to prepare myself to spend the day working with penguins. I’m sure not many people can say that. My dream! My first working day was on Tuesday. Luckily there is a group of us that work at SANCCOB (penguin rehab), which helped my nerves. Unfortunately I was told it takes a few days to have the privilege of stepping into the penguin pens and handle them, so I spent the first day scrubbing and spraying penguin poo off their mats. Lets just say it got everywhere including my eye. Second day was similar, but set inside making up the medicines and formulas for the penguins, which involved a lot of chopping fish and fish eyes stuck under my nails.

I feel I have packed completely the wrong outfits for this job. Having to have a clean set of clothes everyday, due to the previous ones stinking of fish and poop, I may have to purchase some new clothes.

My third day I was amazed that I was assigned to a pen. My first experience holding the cutest creature created. They were so soft, but they bite like crazy. Although I can’t imagine being tubed with a mixture of fish, dog food and vitamins (fish smoothie) is the most pleasant experience.

Feeding time for penguins
Feeding time for penguins

It was unreal being in amongst 30 odd penguins, lining them up ready for their hourly swim, hand feeding them fish, picking them up like babies, and spraying them down after their dinner. It is incredible to think these wonderful, almost extinct creatures, are in the hands of a few volunteers hearts. I just hope it continues that way.

Lining up for their swim
Lining up for their swim
Rocky the rock hopper
Rocky the rock hopper



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