I have excitedly arrived in Cape Town after a long 20 hour flight with a stop over in Dubai. Well actually it is now Tuesday evening, so apologies for the late post…been busy with the penguins.

As much as I was terrified of the plane journey to South Africa, I was shocked at how easy it is to fly to the other end of the world in less than 24 hours.

Leaving my family and home was the hardest part. Saturday morning I was driven to Gatwick airport by my family and boyfriend to say our goodbyes. Pulling away at security made me feel like I was a little girl, all my bravery and confidence just slipped away, and yes there were tears. I think this is possibly the biggest decision I have made so far in life, and I am hoping the best.

Since I have not yet bought my return flight, as my travels are to be continued after Cape Town, I came across my first problem at check in. The Emirates lady told me I may have had to put a deposit down for a plane ticket when going through passport control at the other end. My heart sank to my toes. But I was reassured everything would be fine.

Emirates is a fantastic airline. Great service, good quality, comfy seats with loads of leg room, and a snazzy TV screen in the seats with 1000s of films and programmes to choose from. I was sorted for the next few hours. Although I did manage to sleep a lot of the journey, with the help of the scenic star lit ceiling, and no babies!

Emirates entertainment
Emirates entertainment

Once I had arrived at the airport I was greeted at passport control by a scary looking South African man, who of course questioned the obvious. Where was I going, to show proof of my volunteering, had I enough money, when I was leaving. I tried my best to remain calm; showed my volunteering itinerary and he happily stamped my visa, and off I went to meet my airport pick up, Keenan.

Easy peasy, 20 hours later I was sat in the car on the way to my new home for the next 3 months. The landscape on the journey reminded me very much of England, until we hit the Townships, quite a culture shock. But more on that later.

Now I am huddled under blankets and duvets in bed with my jumper hung close by that stinks of penguin poop! To be continued…

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