The build up

The week leading up to me leaving was full of mixed emotions; nervous, scared, excited, happy, grateful, loved, and upset.

Monday I was taken away on a surprise trip with my lovely best friend, Kelly, to Thorpe Park. Such a sweet, generous surprise! As kids we loved going there, attempting to pull the most horrendous faces on every ride, getting drenched by the big water rides! Our plan was to almost rein-act our childhood. Instead after the second ride I had my head down the loo throwing up.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent pacing the house panicking about what to take with me, how to even pack, had I printed all the right information off, gathering my last essentials. My lovely mum put together an essential kit, which  included insect repellant, travel adapter (which doesn’t work here!), hand sanitiser, after bite, charging bank and a few more:

2014-07-29 15.40.26
Mums loving and caring essentials

Thursday had come around quickly and my boyfriend, Jamie, took a couple of days off, so we went out for a yummy breakfast in Brighton. American pancakes and banana milkshake!

For the rest of the day I was starting to feel very wobbly, tummy ache nerves. But I had to get my packing finished. Thinking South African winter would be as cold as our British summer, I only really packed a couple of warm outfits. However four days later I have arrived and it is freezing! Wish I had bought my thick jumpers now.

It was my last day in England, Friday. Today was a weird feeling day. I got up early with my mum and went for our final run on the forest. Something I will miss terribly whilst I am gone. From there I spent the day chilled at home enjoying my time with mum, Jamie and my sister.. My tummy was now really beginning to feel like I was starting secondary school all over again, or about to begin a new job. My journey was about to begin.

Our last run for a while
Our last run for a while


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