Leaving Home

I have always been one for home comforts, slightly obsessed with cleanliness. My room, and pretty much my entire house is always seen to be tidy and clean, but I guess that reflects us taking pride in caring for our family home.

Fluffy, feathered duvet and pillows tucked in my bed, made perfectly every morning. Sticking to a routine of breakfast early with orange juice, fruit, yoghurt and granola, followed by the best frothy coffee. A shower with delectable smelling skin products, and the freedom to wear what I like.

Yes I may sound like an obsessive weirdo with a strict routine but it’s the way I like it, and I know this home comfort I love and cherish is soon to be stopped, for very good reasons.

Squishy, cosy, perfectly made beds to be swapped with hostel, bed bugged mattresses, slept on by hundreds of travellers. Lovely! No packing or wearing my favourite outfits. Most likely combat trousers, t-shirts and walking boots. Making the most of the cheapest and whatever I can find skin and hair products. I have heard plants and mud are good for your skin?

I can forget trying to find a good cup of english tea with a chocolate digestive to dunk in. All these wonderful British home comforts will without a doubt be replaced with an experience of a lifetime. I cannot wait to learn and experience living off the bare necessities; the simple life, perhaps sleeping in a hammock in the middle of a rainforest.

Having finished university a month and a half ago now, I have been unemployed sitting at home going around in circles, waiting for my first adventure. I guess I am learning to enjoy my own company, whilst everyone is at work. It is just me and my dog Lily. I am so eager for time to hurry up so I can just get the hardest part of travelling out the way…leaving home! But at the same time I feel I have no time at all left. Five weeks to go.

Next Friday I’m off on a girls holiday with my mum and sister to Menorca. Beautiful island. This will be my fourth time going and it gets better every time. It just gives me some time alone and away from home with my two best friends. Relaxing on the beach and by the pool, enjoying the luxuries before spending my bank balance on travelling…for good reasons!

Whilst I am here at home on my own I am slightly struggling to find things to fill up my days. Odd jobs around the house for my mum. Writing my blog, researching, researching and more research on travelling. The hardest is writing a packing list. How does anyone know what and how to pack for over a year-long trip? All I have got in my head is I can always buy once I am there.

I have this long list of jobs that need ticking off before I leave the country. One was done today; vaccinations. Luckily just a couple of booster jabs on the NHS. Something we are so privileged to have, and what I am going to have to live without whilst I am away. The doctor recommends rabies, Japanese encephalitis and malaria tablets, however all them together are over £500! So if needs be I am hoping to get them once I am there for a cheaper price. Cape Town is pretty safe vaccine wise, no need for antimalarials. Just need to prepare myself for a potential safari trip and Asia!

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