Booking my first trip

I have spent countless hours researching, reading, watching and listening to the hundreds of websites, blogs and YouTube videos that help plan travelling. Having written and researched my dissertation on the world of travel blogging, it was a great advantage for me on where to look and go for advice. However even now I still find it really difficult to make a decision or to just accept my decision and know it is the right one.

I began planning my first trip through my local gap year travel agency ‘Gap 360’ where I gathered some useful knowledge on the best places to go, including volunteering and working abroad. Although I already really knew all of this, I just wanted to hear it from someone else.

Although I have discovered booking via local organisations based at your destinations is the much cheaper route to take. This is where I found AVIVA-SA in Cape Town. A fantastic, small volunteering opportunity which offer a range of exciting projects and activities throughout South Africa.

When I saw they had a penguin sanctuary project it was almost like South Africa was calling for me! I have a massive amount of love for penguins, always have done since meeting my boyfriend over five years ago, or thinking about it when I was a kid I loved Pingu!

Rockhopper penguin at London Zoo
Rockhopper penguin at London Zoo

After umming and erring for days over the idea, deciding whether it was the right decision I finally booked it. So I’m off to South Africa for 3 months from August, helping the penguins in order for them to be released in their natural environment again.

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