The beginning of something new

This is it, I’m 21 years old and just graduated from Kingston University with a fantastic bachelor degree in journalism. I am now ready for the big wide world, but not quite ready, or feeling the vibes of becoming a journalist right now, so I’m off to explore the lands surrounding our tiny, beautiful island Great Britain.

Travel has always been a dream of mine, with past holidays to typical, but gorgeous European destinations, enticing me to go further and adventure outside of the EU bubble.

Although when I was fifteen I was taken away to Kenya with family, and wow what an experience it was. Despite sticking to the comfort zones of the hotel, we did dip our toes into the culture and lifestyle of the locals, with a wicked safari and a mistaken taxi ride to a scary looking village, where we were told to leave all valuables with this stranger taxi driver and stumbling across a gynaecologist clinic next door to a vets!

Throughout my time at university I always had on my mind the plan of travelling once I had graduated, whether it was miraculously through a job, with my long-term boyfriend or alone.

Well I have ended up as a solo traveller, which to be quite honest I am terrified but excited to say the least. I know it will be the best thing for me! Only having lived away from home comforts and on my own for two years, it has become quite daunting the thought of being thousands of miles away from home…but this is what I have wanted to do for a very long time!

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